Green Mountain Falls mourns beloved resident Roy the goose

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. — On a windy day in Green Mountain Falls, loved ones gathered to say goodbye to a beloved member of the community.

Roy wasn’t a mayor, a police officer, or your typical prominent member of a town. He was a domesticated Chinese goose, who showed up at the lake eight years ago. He had been holding court ever since.

“He’s been the spirit of joy and beauty in this area,” said Ann Pinnell, who eulogized Roy in memorial service Thursday afternoon. “Everybody knew him. The children would feed him and everyone cared for him.”

Roy met an untimely death a week ago when two unleashed dogs attacked. Witnesses did their best to save him, but it was too late for Roy.

So, on a hilltop overlooking the lake he once patrolled, the town held a memorial for their mascot. Scripture was read and stories were told.

“He knew everybody’s truck who befriended him and he’d start honking and honking all the way around the lake,” said Pinnell.

“I’ve heard stories of how he protected the other geese during the Waldo Canyon fire,” said Claudia Miller, who attended the service.

Now, Roy’s death has created ripples that remain to be seen.

“You can see the lake is so quiet right now,” said Miller.

Residents say many of lake’s 75 ducks and approximately 30 geese have now left Green Mountain Falls.

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