What to expect from the Colorado GOP Convention in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— It’s going to be a big weekend for Colorado Republicans.

Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz will be speaking at the state’s GOP Convention.

It’s happening tomorrow morning at the Broadmoor World Arena.

Cruz will be the only Republican presidential candidate coming to the convention.

Donald Trump was expected to send someone of his behalf, but has now backed out.

Meanwhile, John Kasich’s campaign will be represented by former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu.

On Friday, crews were finishing up final touches at the Broad World Arena before thousands of Republicans from 64 counties pack the stands.

“The El Paso County Republican Party lobbied for the state convention to be in Colorado Springs this year, and we’re very glad that we got our way,” Exec. Director of the El Paso County Republican Party, Daniel Cole said. “The economic impact is massive.”

One of the most important parts of the convention is choosing Colorado’s final 13 national delegates.

Cole says over 600 people are hoping to be selected, and each one will have 10 seconds to say why they deserve it.

After this weekend, Colorado will have chosen 37 delegates to attend the GOP Convention in Cleveland in July.

“Our 37 delegates could turn the tide at the national convention, so these people elected tomorrow might be choosing our Republican nominee for President and possibly the next President of the United States,” Cole said.

Although Donald Trump leads the Republican pack, surveys show Cruz is the favorite to win Colorado.

Cole says a recent straw poll in El Paso County revealed that 71 percent of the county’s delegates support Cruz, and he believes that’s part of the reason Trump isn’t showing up.

“Cruz is a religious man and Colorado Springs is a religious community. Cruz represents the religious right,” he said. “Trump appeals to a certain type of right wing voter, but not one who cares about social issues the way that Cruz supporters do.”

Along with electing the delegates, a lot of other important party business will be taking place at the convention.

Cole says it will be a rewarding day after months of hard work.

“It’s going to be a fun day. Ten thousand republicans are going to put the party back in Republican Party,” Cole said.

Saturday morning, the party will also be voting on their US Senate candidates for the primary ballot and electing a National Committee man and woman from Colorado to the Republican National Committee.

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