Junior Tigers sled hockey team looking to add more to their roster

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Junior Tigers sled hockey team is looking to add more players to their roster. This team allows everyone with a disability to play ice hockey, and they are always looking for new athletes to come out and check it out.

“It really removes all the disability from the athletes,” Tigers head coach Chuck Gruber Jr. said.

Chuck Gruber has been coaching sled hockey for 10 years.

“You do figure eights through here, and when you come through the center you need to be careful so you don’t get hit,” Chuck Gruber said.

He also shares his passion for hockey with his son, Trenton, who doesn’t mind having his dad out on the ice next to him.

“Actually it’s not hard. It makes things easier because he can run through drills with me when I am having difficulties at home,” Trenton Gruber said.

Since sled hockey is the adaptive version of standing hockey, there are a few noticeable differences in playing technique.

“You have to be ambidextrous. You have to shoot with both hands. You have to push off with both hands. You have to have a different type of balance,” Chuck Gruber said.

But when it comes down to being a good sled hockey player, it’s all about one thing.

“Just work hard, that’s all you have to do to be good at something, work hard and be committed,” Trenton Gruber said.

When they’re out on the ice, these Junior Tigers forget about their differences.

“It’s cool because you can be with other people like you and then you can have fun and just relax,” sled hockey player Ivey Goodwin said.

And if anyone ever has any doubts about trying this adaptive sport, Goodwin wants others know this:

“Anybody can do anything if they try. You just have to try,” Goodwin said.

The Junior Tigers will be in Detroit in the next few weeks for three days. The program is fully funded by donations and grants, so everyone has the opportunity to play this sport.

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