Pueblo baseball player looking to lead team to the championships

PUEBLO, Colo. — CSU-Pueblo baseball is tied for first place in the RMAC Plains Division with Adams State.

Several players have helped the Pack reach the top spot, but one player stands out: first baseman Dominick Bregar.

Bregar developed his passion for baseball early on.

“I mean I’ve been playing it since I was a little kid growing up, all the way the t-ball to now,” Bregar said.

As a Colorado kid, Dominick idolized Rockies first baseman Todd Helton.

“Being a Rockie and being from Colorado, I kind of looked up to him and playing first base,” Bregar said.

Bregar has always played at first base, which might be the reason why he’s so good at it. He doesn’t have any errors yet this season and said he doesn’t feel any pressure playing that position.

“You just have to focus in on every pitch and just be ready if the ball is hit to you. It’s all about focus,” Bregar said.

Head coach Stan Sanchez calls Bregar a complete player, a leader, and strong athlete. He believes Bregar is one of the top first basemen in the country.

“He’s as good as first baseman as we have ever had here, and as good as first baseman I have ever coached, and I have been fortunate to coach a lot of good first basemen, but he’s one of the top one’s we have here,” Sanchez said.

But Bregar’s not only a fierce first baseman; he’s also a powerful hitter, who currently has 19 hits: one in every game.

“When you hit the ball over the fence it’s the best and the pitcher is up there moping around because he didn’t make a good pitch and you beat him,” Bregar said.

In his senior year now, Bregar is focusing on winning a championship for the ThunderWolves, but after that he hopes to continue his career.

“If I have a chance to play pro ball I would like to do that. I want to play baseball as long as I can, and when my time comes up and then it’s over and I won’t get it back,” Bregar said.

CSU-Pueblo has a four-game home series this weekend against Adams State. First pitch is Friday night at 6 p.m.

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