Hometown Heroes: Man gives back to community in a big way

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The American Red Cross is honoring some Hometown Heroes. They are businesses and individuals who exemplify courage, kindness, and unselfish character.

One of the award winners is David Jenkins, who is being awarded the humanitarian award for his projects and contributions to organizations in southern Colorado.

“It’s nice to be able to present an award to an individual who is doing good work out of their heart rather than out of a need to see their name in lights and in recognition,” said Thomas Gonzalez, Executive Director for the American Red Cross in southeastern Colorado.

Jenkins is said to be a humble businessman.

“To make Colorado Springs a better place is in everybody’s best interest,” said Jenkins.

According to those who know him, Jenkins just wants to make a difference in his own community.

“I believe that David Jenkins’ work has been for the improvement of the lives of people in our communities in southern Colorado and that’s in the end what a humanitarian is about,” said Gonzalez.

Through his company, the Nor’wood Foundation, Jenkins donated nearly $7 million to civic organizations and health agencies. You may be familiar with some of his projects and developments around town, which include the First and Main shopping center in Colorado Springs.

“I think it’s just the calling that we all have to do to help make others less fortunate have an opportunity to better their lives, and those of us that are blessed with having successes, we need to share that, and I feel honored to do that,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins has also donated almost two acres of land to the future Olympic museum in Colorado Springs, plus nearly $2 million to the First Presbyterian Church.

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