Hunting for the best location to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The biggest thing going on in the Springs Saturday was the 32nd annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

With thousands of people there to watch the parade that stretched all along Tejon Street, there were a ton of places for people to watch the parade, but we wanted to find out where the best place was.

The Davis family likes to watch from near the intersection of Bijou and Tejon.

“Because there are public restrooms at the Starbucks and Bingo Burger, it’s a perfect place to get food and it’s also always next to the turkey legs, so food, restrooms, and front row seats,” said Christine Davis.

The people on the roof at Gasoline Alley disagreed. They said the roof was the best.

“Sun’s shining, the parade’s right here. I get to watch everything, not just a one-block radius, but at least two to three. Here having fun with a lot of people here, so can’t complain,” said Haley Jurich.

Donna Patton said both of those places don’t stack up to the bleachers at Pikes Peak and Tejon.

“It’s obvious. There’s nobody in front of you. You’re comfortable, you’re sitting down. You’ve got your drinks and you can see everything going on with no interruptions,” said Patton.

No matter who you talked to, it was all about having fun.

“Best parts, being with friends all wearing green, running the 5K in the morning and it’s just nice to build camaraderie in the community,” said Jurich.

No matter if you were street level with your kids watching the parade up close and personal, or on the roof, or sitting on the bleachers, there really was no bad place to watch this parade. It just depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for.

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