New Monument teen center offers a safe place for kids

MONUMENT, Colo. — A first-of-its-kind teen center opened in Monument Saturday thanks to the generosity of local donors.

“This will be a great space for them to have activities that are safe and just a place for them to go,” said Heather Steinman, the executive director of the YMCA.

The Monument YMCA and Tri-Lakes Young Life have turned a dream into reality by offering the community a place where teens and kids can come together.

“For them to have just a safe place to come, dive into relationships, dive into real life with each other and just a place to–a home away from home,” said Jeremy Vanhaitsma, director of the Tri-Lakes Young Life.

“We really want a place where they feel safe, where they have an opportunity to fellowship with each other, where they’re sharing a message of healthy lifestyles and they can really bond together,” said Steinman.

The center includes a basketball court, a living room area, and a performance stage for kids to use after school. It also features a kitchen, several work rooms and a lounge area.

“We’ll have the area here for them to do homework, to do conversations,” said Vanhaitsma. “We have XBOX, we have just a number of different things that will keep the kids interested and hopefully keep coming.”

The new teen center is open to all middle school and high school kids in the area.

The teen center will host its first event Monday evening for high school students interested in checking out the new facility.

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