Admitted Planned Parenthood shooter makes another outburst in court

Robert Dear once again found incompetent to stand trial.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — The man who admitted in open court to killing three people during the Planned Parenthood shooting was back in court Wednesday, this time for a hearing about whether he’s competent to stand trial.

Robert Lewis Dear faces 179 charges relating to the November 27 shooting.

After previous outbursts in court that include him saying, “I’m guilty. No trial. I’m a warrior for the babies,” the question of competency is a big one.

Dear had his psychiatric evaluation at the state hospital in Pueblo, but that report isn’t complete yet.

Since his psychiatric evaluation won’t be complete until March 11, court proceedings were pushed back to March 23.

That’s when the defense and prosecution will get the results of the psychiatric evaluation.

“Either side can contest the findings of the state hospital if they want. You don’t do that at the next hearing. The next hearing’s just receiving the report. The judge should set it over for about 10 days for each side to review the report and decide if they want to contest those conclusions or not,” said District Attorney Dan May.

One the way out of court, Dear said to the media, “Come see me. I have the secret case file.”

FOX21’s attempts to get a jailhouse interview with Dear have been denied.

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