Anticipated strong winds raising fire danger

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Starting Thursday, Colorado Springs could see wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, increasing the chance of wildfires.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department says the county has a year-round wildfire risk, and with drier than normal conditions, they’re especially focused on containing any possible grass fires.

“Colorado Springs has a year-round wildfire risk,” said Amy Sylvester, the program coordinator for the mitigation department with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. “This isn’t something new for us. It’s something we plan responding to year round.”

All fire stations west of I-25 are fully equipped and trained to fight wildland fires, and with a red flag warning currently in effect, they’re prepared to go at a moment’s notice.

>> See current watches and warnings. 

“They increase their response where despite the type of call they go on, they take extra apparatus in case a fire does occur, they have extra apparatus and personnel in the area,” said Sylvester.

The biggest concern right now is grass fires.

“Grass fires already move very quickly and wind really exacerbates that problem,” said Sylvester. “So it seems so simple but if homeowners could just get out and mow down the grasses around their fence line, anything tall that might be right up against their deck or their structure, that could make a big difference if there is a grass fire in the area.”

If by chance a fire does start near you, firefighters say do not try and put it out.

“Call 911,” said Sylvester. “We don’t want residents taking matters into their own hands, especially these grass fires. They move faster than you can and so we really want you to stay out of harm’s way.”

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