Proposed Broadmoor land swap debate continues

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A proposed land swap between the Broadmoor and the city of Colorado Springs was the main topic at the Parks Advisory Board meeting Thursday. It was standing room only as more than a dozen opponents to the trade showed up to voice their opinions.

What’s known as Strawberry Field or Strawberry Hill is an area of land in lower Cheyenne Cañon. If the deal goes through, this is the area the Broadmoor will get in trade for easements and land around Mt. Muscoco.

Some think this isn’t a fair deal.

“My kids ran through that area,” Susan Clayton said. “They used to build snowboard hills and go off flying into the pasture.”

Clayton has lived in Cheyenne Cañon for more than 40 years, and worries the swap will mean she and her family will no longer be able to use the area.

“There was a question asked about fencing off that property and the Broadmoor did state that they would not be fencing that proper

ty, that they would allow for public access in that area to hike trails and future trails and future trail networks as well,” Karen Palus, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Social Services, said.

But Clayton isn’t convinced.

“The Broadmoor sold, they put up a fence,” said Clayton. “They sold Seven Falls to Broadmoor, they put up a fence.”

In the deal, the city will get 371 acres plus 115 acres of public trail easements, but opponents argue that land is already being used by the public.

“We think that’s advantageous in the fact that you have two iconic trail systems, both Manitou Incline and the Barr, that folks from all over the world and we’d like the opportunity to put that in perpetuity and actually own that property,” said Palus.

A representative of the Broadmoor was at the meeting, announcing talks of a putting in horse stables or even an area for weddings. FOX21 tried to talk to him, but he refused to speak to media.

The next step will be a public meeting on February 24 at Gold Camp Elementary School.

The city has posted maps showing the different easements and land included in the proposal on their website. You can also leave a comment so your voice can be heard.

>> See the maps or leave a comment on the city’s website.  

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