Winter storm keeps tow truck drivers busy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Tow truck drivers were very busy Monday night and into Tuesday helping people whose cars slid off the road or were stuck in snow.

“Whether they’ve just been in an accident or they simply just have a flat tire or need a jump start, it’s just about helping people,” said Knob Hill Towing driver Christopher Armetto.

Monday’s winter storm and Tuesday’s aftermath created havoc on the roadways, resulting in tow companies like Knob Hill being extremely busy.

“When we get into storm stuff like this, we can see anywhere from 45 to 60 calls,” said Armetto.

That’s nearly double when compared to an average day, but with several inches of snow on the road, accidents are bound to happen.

“A lot of the ones we’ve been getting with this storm are more of your wench outs, recoveries. People sliding off and getting stuck in the snow,” said Armetto.

Drivers, however, aren’t the only ones at risk.

“It can be quite scary for us as truck drivers, especially if we’re on the side of the interstate or something like that, trying to safely load a car,” said Armetto. “We’re always having to look over our shoulder.”

The storm had towing companies working around the clock, resulting in long wait times for customers.

“It can get kind of hectic from time to time because we do try to prioritize calls as far as if the person is stranded and stuck with the car or if they’re in traffic blocking the way versus people’s vehicles that are at their residence,” said Armetto.

Armetto said a job like towing requires a certain type of person: one who’s not afraid of a challenge and perhaps a little adventure.

“It’s always something new. You’re never doing the same exact tow,” said Armetto. “Every tow you go on is different in some way, shape or form, and for most of us, we just like helping people.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department said if your car is parked on a city street, you have 72 hours to move it. If it’s on a major highway or roadway, it might be towed right away.

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