Many volunteer to help drivers stuck in snow across Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s not a job.
“I’m from a small town back in Michigan and you help your neighbors,” said Jacob Derosa, who volunteered his time to help drivers stuck in snow.

But a choice.

“We did it all the time, in the winter, summer, no matter what,” Derosa said.
The winter storm left many drivers stuck, looking for help.
“A lot of it have just been front-wheel drive cars driving up these hills, and you know, road conditions are just not good for some of the vehicles that are out here,” said Jeremy Catchie, a member of Stand Tall Colorado 4×4, who also helped pull drivers of the snow.
It’s why local members of JK Colorado and Colorado 4×4 all took to the roads to get drivers out of the snow.
“We’re military, we’re soldiers and airmen 24/7, so it’s kind of an obligation to help the community and put our foot forward and help those in need,” said Jessica Czajk, who helped get drivers out with her husband.
“I know a lot of families trying to get to work and whatnot, and they can’t really afford to pay a $100 or a $150 tow truck bill,” said Aaron Hinds, who originally posted about helping stuck drivers on social media.
These volunteers said it’s a way for the community to come together.
“It’s neighbors helping neighbors. It’s not about what your vehicle can do or what it can’t do. It’s all about helping someone that’s in need,” said Cory Alkrie, who helped drivers get out with other members of JK Colorado for the first time.

“Being in the military, the community gives a lot back to us, and then we just try to figure out ways to give back to them as well,” said Corey Czajk, who helped pull several drivers out of the snow.

Volunteers said it’s a way for them to put their tools for off-roading to good use.

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