Grocery stores packed with people preparing for snow

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — People around the region were scrambling this afternoon preparing for the storm to hit.

People were clearing the shelves at Safeway on North Powers, hoping to get everything they need to settle in before the storm hits.

“We’re not exactly sure if we’re going to have school tomorrow, so we want to make sure we have like finger foods and warm stuff that we can just throw in and just relax and have movie days,” Renne Martino said.

Employees were working hard to restock as the customers stripped the aisles.

“We just got done with a soccer game, and we stopped by the grocery store to make sure that we’ve got plenty of bread and lunch meat and milk and eggs,” Lori Japp said. ‘We’re expecting a big storm.”

And for their family, being prepared to stay in the house for a few days is extra important.

“We’re 10 minutes from the nearest grocery store, so we want to make sure we’ve got plenty of stuff at home,” Japp said. “We’re expecting to stay home from school tomorrow hopefully, maybe Tuesday even as well.”

Grocery stores prepare for hectic days like this and order more product when they know a storm is on its way.

Since they can see at least a half of a foot of snow is coming, customers are buying up even more and preparing to stay in for several days knowing it could take the plows a little longer to get to their home.

The city of Colorado Springs said a full call out of snow crews happened this morning, and they’ve been working all day to clear the streets.

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