Colorado students get more opportunities with school choice

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Parents these days have more options than ever before when it comes to schooling for your kids. Whether it’s public schools, homeschooling, magnet, private, or charter schools, or even online classes, it’s important to know your options and what’s the best fit for your child. But how do you decide where your child will get the best education?

Colorado is one of only eight states where parents can choose which school their child should attend without any restrictions as long as there’s capacity.

“If you have a child who thrives in a certain type of setting it’s really beneficial for your student to make sure that they are getting the most tailored education to make sure that they are in a setting that they are really going to do well in,” Devra Ashby, Communications Specialist for School District 11, said.

There are 17 districts in El Paso County, and they each have different schooling options. We talked to District 11 about what they offer.

“In District 11 we offer more choice for students and families than any other public school district in the area,” said Ashby. “We do offer an international baccaluareate program starting in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade.”

They also offer an elementary Montessori program, gifted magnet schools for grades third through eighth, an online school, and at the high school level, students can start getting college credit long before graduation.

“You can get up to two years of college at no cost to you and you could be able to enter college and go for a four-year degree and only have to pay for two years,” Ashby said.

But it’s important for parents to do their homework too. District 11 officials suggest visiting the schools to find out which one works best for your student.

School District 11’s choice window closes February 12, but based on capacity they’ll accept new students all year round. You can find out more about all of the opportunities offered at District 11 by heading to .

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