Steelers fans rally in hopes of shot at AFC Championship

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado is Broncos nation with some of the most dedicated fans in the NFL, but the same could be said of Pittsburgh fans as hundreds came together Sunday to rally for a chance at the AFC Championship.

“It’s going to be a low scoring game,” said Steelers fan Ivory Rounds. “Steelers are going to walk away with an incredible win, 23 to 20.”

Broncos fan also predicting a win of their own.

“This time of year, you got to beat the best to be the best,” said Jake Valdez, a Broncos fan. “Whoever is peaking right now, should be a very good game. Denver 35, Pittsburgh 21.”

Early game predictions came from both sides of the field, despite the Broncos being a seven-point favorite and the Steelers missing key offensive players due to injury.

“It’s simply like Mike Tomlin says, the next man up,” said Steelers fan Jack Dowds. “There’s no alibiing or whining because this guy’s out or that guy’s out.”

“We’re missing DeAngelo Williams, we’re missing Bell, we’re missing Brown, but with Ben, we still have the ability to win,” said Rounds.

It’s that kind of spirit which brings Steelers fans from all over Colorado together.

“We come for all the games, big or small,” said Dowds. “It’s just being able to watch the game with folks from back home.”

“When we see each other on the streets, we always give a what’s up, we always say hello and then when we’re here, I’m serious, it’s like we’re family,” said Rounds.

Out on the field, the game remained close until a crucial turnover by the Steelers gave the Broncos the momentum to seal the game.

“He just made a mistake and if you ask him, he’ll live with that the rest of his career,” said Dowds.

Despite the tough loss, these Steelers fans are still proud.

“It was a great game,” said Rounds. “You play with who you brought. We played with who we brought. We lost. Next year.”

“I’m still proud of my team,” said Dowds. “They’ll always be my Steelers and I’m glad for my friends who are Bronco fans, that they enjoy this because I think they will win next week.”

If the Broncos win next weekend, they will advance to the Super Bowl to play either the Arizona Cardinals or the Carolina Panthers.

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