Gym brings holistic approach to fitness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — While working out may only consist of weightlifting for some, others take a different approach.

Springs Health and Fitness works under the EXOS methodology, which follows the four pillars of what they call a fit lifestyle from mindset, recovery, nutrition and movement.

“We want to teach them how to do exercises that are more like what they do in everyday life. But they’re also exercises that give them an overall better workout, better for their whole body, not just one muscle group,” said Mike Caton, fitness and performance director for Springs Health and Fitness.

Gym officials said the pillars focus on your overall well-being in a more holistic way, as opposed to just isolated muscle workouts.

“One of the benefits of that, that they’re gonna see, is that it requires more energy. So, if you’re working multiple muscles or dozens of muscles in one movement rather than isolating a movement, neurologically and physiology it’s just spending so much more energy,” Caton said.

It’s more than just working out at the gym.

“Eating healthy at home, getting plenty of sleep, making sure you’re rested,” said Zach Sherwood, a gym member.

It’s a fitness lifestyle that leaves you feeling more functional overall.

“It feels like more of a personal connection than it does, just like, ‘oh, just come to the gym, lift weights, get swole,'” said Kacy Garner, a gym member.

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