Becoming YouTube famous

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two local pranksters are making their mark on YouTube.

Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites are working together to build their social media presence, with thousands of fans flocking to their channel JStuStudios.

Stuart and Scites both have high hopes for the future, which include wanting to be on T.V. or in the movies one day, and said it’s a goal each one has had forever.

Their pranks range from the random and funny, to the exciting and sometimes even scary. They said they try and ramp up their ‘awkwardness level’ with each video they make.

You can see them doing everything from eating loudly in library, to putting noisy dog toys on their shoes or scaring people with a simple ‘Alphabet prank.’

But, it’s not all fun and games with these two. They said they keep their humor clean for everyone to see and even do videos about acts of kindness.

They also have another channel called, MoreJStu, where they post reaction to fan mail and take unique challenges. Check out their website to see their videos.


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