The team overseeing the 2C road improvements project meets for the first time

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The advisory committee overseeing the 2C road improvement project met for the first time Monday.

Ballot issue 2C passed in November, approving a 0.62 sales tax increase which started January 1 and will last five years. The tax is expected to bring in a total of $50 million toward road improvements, which will begin next month.

For a little over an hour, the five-member committee, along with Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers and Public Works officials, began discussing the ins and outs of the plan for the project.

“I’m very pleased with the mix of people that we brought together that have this combination of being able to ask some technical questions, being able to ask some common man questions and I think we’re going to get some very good reports,” Suthers said.

Some questions already brought up by the committee addressed an article in the Gazette that reported the busiest streets will get fixed, not the worst ones. Committee members asked how the plan prioritizes roads.

“The arterials and the collectors are what everybody takes to school, work, to go shopping,” said Corey Farkas, Public Works Operation and Maintenance Division Manager. “They’re highly traveled roadways, so by choosing those over top of residentials gave the greatest amount of citizens service with this 2C ballot measure.”

With 5,680 lane miles within the city, 18 to 20 percent of them will be improved over the next five years.

“A good goal for a city is about 10 percent of a city street network should be resurfaced about every year and in fact over the next five years, this city will for the first time in decades meet or exceed that goal,” David Zelenok, committee member and civil engineer, said.

Combining 2C with other programs like the PPRTA fund, they’re estimating improvements on about 50 percent of the city’s roads, and this committee is there to make sure that happens.

“The committee really helps to make sure the tax dollars that were approved by the voters in November are being used wisely and providing the best value for the money,” said Zelenok.

The committee agreed they will meet quarterly to talk about the progress being made. The 2C Advisory Committee’s job is also to recommend ways to keep the public informed on where road improvements are taking place.

>> Find the city’s tool for weekly cone zones here. 

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