Winter weather rolls through Pueblo

Pueblo, Colo. — Even with all of the issues that the storm brought, there were some people that took advantage of the snow. but

“Whenever there’s a good snow, sometimes they’re few and far between but there’s been a few times,” said Heather Hepworth.

Hepworth and her family decided to take advantage of perfect sledding conditions in Pueblo as the snow kept falling Friday afternoon.

We spoke to Hepworth’s son who happens to be a sledding expert.

“You have to jump on your sled and then you push off and then you go down a hill,” said Hepworth’s son Kenyan.

The snow also brought some good reminders when it comes to the winter season.

Not everyone had the best time as several cars were stranded on the side of the road. Colorado State Patrol said it serves as a good reminder to slow down and use hazards if need be.

“There was concern for the students that had to walk home because they live in town and they walk but that’s the nature of the beast so they really wanted the kids to go home a little bit earlier,” said Hepworth.

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