New details in Fremont Co. attempted murder; suspect was former student of victim

COTOPAXI, Colo. — Records show, 19-year-old Courtney Plante now faces charges of theft, assault and attempt of first degree murder.

Plante’s boyfriend, 37-year-old Sean Overstreet, faces similar charges after police said the two are accused of attempted murder near the Cotopaxi store near Highway 50 and Fremont County 1A.

Fremont County Sheriff’s deputies said Plante knocked on the victim’s door, asking for help, saying her and Overstreet’s U-Haul truck had broken down.

Sheriff’s deputies add Overstreet and Plante had stolen the truck in Pueblo earlier Monday.

Court records show the victim recognized Plante as one of his former students and drove her to the U-Haul near the Cotopaxi store. That’s when Plante allegedly yelled, “get him Sean”, leading Overstreet to attack the victim, stabbing him multiple times and “smashing” his head into the ground.

Sheriff’s deputies said Overstreet also attempted to cut the victim’s throat, but he was able to run away to get help.

Deputies also spoke to Plante’s father, who says Plante is a heroin addict and Overstreet is her “much older” boyfriend.

The victim is in the hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries.

Overstreet had his first court appearance Thursday afternoon and faces similar charges as Plante. Plante’s next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 20 where she will be officially charged.

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