Gun store owner reacts to President Obama’s executive order

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — President Barack Obama’s new plan for stricter gun control won’t ban people from getting high-capacity magazines, but it will pay a lot closer attention to mental health.

A law currently prevents states from reporting information about people prohibited from having a gun for mental health reasons.

“They have a clean record but if they get mentally ill how do they even find out that they’re mentally ill? They still have a clean record,” Dragon Arms owner Mel Bernstein, also known as Dragon Man, said.

The President’s actions will work to remove that barrier, but Bernstein said that won’t solve the problem.

“They have other people that they know, like a brother or sister or friend, come in, fill out the paperwork, get the firearm and give it to the other guy,” Bernstein said. “You know, he might give them $50 for doing that. That’s called a strawman purchase.”

But the fact that more people are being hired to run FBI background checks is a positive for him.

“That’s a good idea because sometimes the background checks, they don’t even go through until the next day,” said Bernstein. “So if he has more people checking everybody’s background, it’ll actually go faster and the customers won’t be disappointed and they can get their firearms faster.”

Even with the executive order in place, Bernstein said it could have been worse for gun enthusiasts.

“The way I see it is he has to do something and he has to come up with something and that’s what he came up with. Luckily he’s not outlawing more stuff,” Bernstein said. “We love to sell these assault rifles and machine guns and stuff everybody deserves to have if they’re an American and passed a background check.”

Executive orders go into effect 30 days after being published in the Federal Register.

For a full breakdown of President Obama’s executive order on gun violence, click here:

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