Ethics hearing for Colorado Springs councilwoman Helen Collins begins

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “Shame,” “fraud” and “a disgraceful proceeding.” These are words anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce uses to describe the case brought against Colorado Springs councilwoman Helen Collins.

“Helen did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong. There’s nothing illegal, nothing unethical, they can’t point to anything. In their complaint, they don’t even have a complaining party. They haven’t identified who has filed the complaint against her,” said Bruce.

City officials allege Bruce transferred a condo to Collins so its funds couldn’t be used to pay the more than $7,000 he owed the city, as an attempt to help him avoid paying a court judgment.

Last year, a petition was filed to recall Collins from city council, claiming she failed to represent the best interests or address basic concerns of voters in District 4.

Bruce was called as a witness during the ethics hearing. He said the city has probably already spent thousands on the hearing, when Collins cost the city nothing.

“City council refused to have a hearing on their own and they had Mr. Strand, who’s a retired JAG lawyer from the Air Force, read verbatim what they wanted and they wanted a hearing officer,” Collins said.

Both Collins and Bruce argue the city can’t do much against Collins, except give a formal statement of disapproval.

“They can’t force her out office, they can’t charge her any money, there’s no fine, there’s no jail, no anything. It’s just a word of censure and they’re going to end up spending $100,000 to get that as their short-term objective,” Bruce said.

FOX21 reached out to the city, but we were told they cannot comment during the ongoing hearing.

Collins said she feels this case against her has been fixed from the beginning and has listed 32 points of objection. For a full look at that list, click here.

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