Colorado Springs unemployment rates drop to the lowest rate since 2001

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado Springs unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been in 15 years, coming in at 3.9 percent compared to the national average of 4.8 percent.

The last time Colorado Springs had unemployment rates this low was in 2001.

Mayor John Suthers said Colorado Springs is a desirable place to live, and new businesses are moving here, while others are expanding. Some of them are also bringing in higher paying jobs to our area.

The year 2015 brought in new professions to Colorado Springs. Mayor John Suthers said he sees that job growth continuing into 2016.

“The most available job right now is a software engineer and a first time in a long time we have more jobs available than we have people to fill them, and these types of jobs are relatively good paying. We are talking about $65,000 a year,” Suthers said.

With the need for jobs to be filled, it’s also bringing in new people to the area, which is why the springs is also seeing a boost in new construction.

“The number of building permits being pulled both residential and commercial; we have quite a bit of apartment construction taking place in downtown Colorado Springs. I’m particularly pleased it looks like we will have considerable apartment construction in downtown Colorado Springs in the next year or so,” Suthers said.

Including a lot of commercial growth up towards the Northern part of Colorado Springs, bringing in more restaurants, businesses and two new water parks set to open in the fall of 2016, which he said will help bring more people to the area.

“People like to come to them, people need to come into the hotel check in for two to three days and use the water park, but they are also going to go out and spend money at tourist attractions in Colorado Springs go out to dinner in Colorado Springs. So once again all good for Colorado Springs,” Suthers said.

Mayor Suthers also said there is more development going on at the Colorado Springs Airport including two new hangars, and he’s hoping to get more commercial airlines coming into the airport in the next year or so.

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