Pueblo spreads Christmas cheer by feeding less fortunate

PUEBLO, Colo. — While Christmas is a time for giving gifts and spending time with family, it’s also the time of year to give back to those less fortunate.

That’s exactly what happened in Pueblo Friday. The Pueblo Christmas Community Dinner took in people from across the city. Many were homeless, but some people came because they’re far away from their family.

Organizers said the big turnout showcases the need of the community. In the two and a half hours of the meal they served roughly 1,500 people. The people there said they’re extremely grateful for an event like this.

“I’m very happy it helps all the homeless people get nice warm food and a place to come in, stay warm, and I’m very thankful for this, cause I’m in the same situation,” said David Burr.

Some volunteers said helping those in need is what Christmas is about.

“Some look hungry and cold and once they eat and they’re served and they walk out they have a smile on their face and it’s a really gratifying feeling,” said Liza Bustamante, volunteer.

The meal wasn’t your traditional Christmas dinner.

“It’s Pueblo traditional and of course with a huge Latino community here in pueblo, that means tamales, which is probably the reason for having the tamales, but also because during this season there is an enormous amount of tamale makers out there, which helps make our lives a little bit easier in preparing this meal,” said Jerry Carter, dinner coordinator.

“There’s so much joy that god is looking down on us, smiling right now cause he thinks everyone is enjoying themselves,” said James Bueno, Wounded Warrior.

Organizers said that while it’s great to have an event like this, it’s also extremely important to remember that a lot of the people there that enjoyed this meal also need help the rest of the year. They encourage people to continue to donate to local organizations in Pueblo.

Overall, there were a 120 dozen tamales and 250 pounds of beans to feed the roughly 1,500 people.

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