Family Wish List: Justin and Jeff shop with Christina

This year, we once again asked you to nominate a family that could use our help for our FOX21 Family Wish List campaign. After going through all of the nominated families, five were chosen. We teamed up with Super Target and took the families on a shopping spree for the holiday gifts and groceries that they may need. 

FOX21 meteorologists Justin Chambers and Jeff Womack met Christina Mays at Super Target. They asked her why she thought she was nominated.

“Our really good friend Edward Sandoval said that he saw the thing on the news and wrote everything that happened to us, because we’re not the type that gets the handouts,” Christina said. “We’re not the type who ask for anything. We’ve just been through a lot of stuff this year. Our house burnt down. I lost my job. And now it’s Christmastime and we really couldn’t even really make a Christmas for our kids.”

Then the fun began. It was time to shop. Christina picked out plenty of toys for her kids.

“My kids are going to be pretty happy,” Christina said. “They didn’t think they were going to get anything, so now there will be something sitting under the tree on Christmas and they will be surprised and happy. Because my kids try to be real tough and ‘it’s okay, mom.’ You know. ‘We understand we have to wait. We understand, you don’t have any money.’ So they’re real sweet.”

The saying “it’s better to give than receive” could not be more true.

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