Local business presents donation to help foster care organization

Garth Hystad presents donation to Beautiful Redemption/Christina Dawidowicz FOX21
Garth Hystad presents donation to Beautiful Redemption/Christina Dawidowicz FOX21

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — “Two of my sisters got adopted, I never was a child that ever got adopted, so you know, I would have Christmas and Thanksgiving always at a different place, 18 different places growing up,” said Garth Hystad, founder and president of Mosaic Outdoor Living and Mega Decks.

It’s a reality Hystad wants to change for children without a place to call home.

For the past six weeks, Hystad, with help from additional donors, donated more than $34,000 to Beautiful Redemption, an organization that raises awareness about foster care and adoption.

“We started in September, so we’re basically going month to month income wise and this allows us to go forward and breathe and say ‘okay here we go, lets line up the businesses, the churches, the community groups where we can go in and really go after opening up more homes,” said Mike Worley, pastor and founder of Beautiful Redemption.

With more than 4,000 children in the state of Colorado up for adoption, Worley hopes to increase awareness for the need for more foster parents and adoptions, having adopted three of the children he fostered with his wife.

“We’ve really seen without the awareness piece, nothing changes. There’s some good thoughts, there’s some good ideas, but without the awareness, there’s not really a step forward for action,” Worley said.

“I’m the after picture you know, I was one of those kids you know, I ate out of a garbage can. I didn’t have a place to go for Christmas,” Hystad said.

Worley said the most children adopted fall between the ages of zero to three years old, with teens between 12 and 18 having a difficult time getting adopted.

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