Fountain firefighters deliver toys to pediatric patients

Firefighters from the Fountain Fire Department deliver toys to kids at Memorial Hospital/Mike DuranFOX2
Firefighters from the Fountain Fire Department deliver toys to kids at Memorial Hospital/Mike DuranFOX21

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Christmas can be an especially tough time for young kids in the hospital but Fountain firefighters are hoping they can make it a little brighter.

Hundreds of toys for at least 39 young sick kids were delivered to Memorial Hospital today and administrators say that these toys can make a world of difference

“Being stuck in the hospital can be very depressing, very isolating so we try to make the environment as normal as possible, as engaging and fun as possible,” said Krysta Browning, a child life specialist at the hospital.

And they’re doing it all with a little added help from the Fountain fire department.

“We get to help out some needy families in our community and then what’s left over, all the excess toys, we collect, we bring here for the children’s hospital for the kids that are sick and in the hospital that may not get to have the traditional Christmas at home,” said Jared Cass with the Fountain fire department.

Dozens of boxes filled with matchbox cars, dolls and other toys were all donated by the Fountain community.

“This is a big part of something that we can do that makes a difference and something that we all feel proud and honored to be able to do this,” said Cass.

The toys can serve as a distraction from all the hard parts about being in the hospital and can give these kids a hope that things will get better.

“Giving these kids different activities to engage in and help keep them stimulated definitely speeds up their healing by giving them joy and hope,” said Browning.

They also serve as a reminder that they aren’t forgotten.

“They absolutely love getting these gifts and it brightens their day, their entire stay here at the hospital,” said Browning.

The donated toys will now be separated and sorted through before given to the kids either tomorrow or on Christmas day.


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