Family Wish List: Abbie and Joe shop with Anna

This year, we once again asked you to nominate a family that could use our help for our FOX21 Family Wish List campaign. After going through all of the nominated families, five were chosen. We teamed up with Super Target and took the families on a shopping spree for the holiday gifts and groceries that they may need. 

FOX21 anchor Joe Cole and anchor/reporter Abbie Burke met Anna Herrara at Target for her shopping trip. Anna recently moved to Colorado to better take care of her family.

“If you were to see my daughter, you wouldn’t think anything is wrong with her,” Anna said. “But the reason for that is, and I will probably start crying, but, is because I didn’t give her radiation or chemotherapy. I refuse that. I know that there is something else that does work, you know? I have used it for her, and it shrunk. But I couldn’t, you know.”

“Couldn’t do that in Texas?” Joe asked.

“No,” Anna said.

“And you can do it here legally,” Joe said.

“Yes,” Anna said. “I want her to live a long life, not just a pediatric life. And that’s what I am supposed to do as a mom. That’s my job. God gave that to me.”

Then it was time to get shopping. Anna picked out winter accessories and jewelry for her daughter, plus a mug for herself. Joe couldn’t resist trying on a few things too.

The saying “it’s better to give than receive” could not be more true.

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