Local kids get early Christmas surprise

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Several Little’s from the Colorado Springs Big Brother Big Sister program were given the rare opportunity to experience the joy of giving as part of AT&T’s Spread The Cheer program.

Each kid received a $75 Target gift card to spend on someone special in their life. They were also given an additional gift card worth $25 to spend on just themselves and Target added an extra $10.

“They wouldn’t normally get to do this and that’s why I think this is such a special event,” said Angelina Formica, a local AT&T store manager. “They’re going to get to go out and show their love and appreciation for the special people in their lives.”

“They got really excited and really pumped just to be able to do this,” said Paul Crosby, the manager of fun development at Big Brother Big Sisters.

11-year-old Karusso Rosales thought he was going to Chuck E Cheeses for the day but was excited when he learned that instead, he would be spending the day doing something unusual.

“It was pretty fun honestly,” said Rosales. “I had a lot of fun. I love getting gifts for my family.”

“He’s just the kind of kid that his heart is always thinking of others and so doing something like this, I can’t imagine anything would make him happier,” said Joel Neuber, Karussos “Big Brother”.

While shopping at Target was a little overwhelming, Rosales says that didn’t stop him from finding the right gifts.

“It was hard to choose between this gift, that gift, it’s all so good,” said Rosales. “I have more gifts than I thought I would have.”

He says that most of the gifts he bought are for his aunt and his mom and he looks forward to watching them open the special presents on Christmas day.


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