A+ News: Jenkins middle school makes big donations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo — Kids from Jenkins Middle School helped make another kids dream come true via the Make a Wish foundation and their giving nature didn’t stop there.

The students rose over a $1,000 for a kid who has cancer.

Everyone who donated got yellow ribbons for childhood cancer awareness.

“It was cool to see all the kids here a Jenkins just wearing those yellow ribbons around to show that they know that this problem is going on and they wanted to do something to help it,” said Student Carolyn Naftanel.

Kids giving back like this help create leaders in the community.

“Tends to unify the group, so they can come together, educate one another. They feel more in control, cause they’re the ones out there collecting the money and encouraging their classmates to give and so, you really see a lot of leadership. Those natural leaders kinda come to the surface and its really great for them,” said Teacher Talitha Couture.

On top of the Make a Wish donation, the kids also collected over 50 thousand pounds of canned food for Care and Share.

This made them the biggest donators of any middle school in our area.

“We wanted to do something to make an impact on those around us and those who are struggling and their families just to give a little bit to them, so we can help them out,” said Naftanel.

“I think it also helps to put things back into perspective with the kids. That as bad as a middle school day may seem there’s people out there that are struggling more and I think it helps a lot kids to realize that,” said Couture.

Teachers a Jenkins said donation campaigns like this help them to teach character development.

Making for well-rounded students, instead of just focusing on test scores.

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