U.S. Figure Skating gives free lessons at Acacia Park

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Saturday afternoon, several Colorado Springs kids laced up and learned some skating skills from the pros.

U.S. Figure Skating hosted a free skate fest at the outdoor rink in Acacia Park Saturday. They said they hold the event to kick off the holiday season, and they offer lessons to kids of every age and skill level.

The skaters said they hope the lessons will inspire kids to take up skating and get involved in local programs.

“It’s an amazing experience because our lives revolve around skating, and it’s what we do,” Alexa Scimeca of Team USA said. “It’s our jobs. So it’s nice to give back to the community and maybe inspire some of the young kids to start skating and follow our footsteps. So for us, it’s a great time to see the kids have some fun out here.”

While the kids were learning to skate, the pros also showed off their skills. They did flips, lifts, and tricks to show the kids what they can do if they keep practicing.

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