Star Wars fans camp out in anticipation of movie release

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The force is back in a big way as people have already started camping out for the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The movie is showing in more than 4,100 theaters across the country and has already made $50 million in pre-sale tickets alone.

Several fans started camping out as early as 5:00 Wednesday morning just to get a spot in line to see the anticipated release of the film.

“Camping is always fun,” said Shannah Lerum, a Star Wars fan. “You always meet new people, always have fun and it’s awesome, it’s a good experience and it’s Star Wars.”

“It’s a chance for us to come out and kind of hang out with each other, enjoy the camaraderie of folks that really love this franchise,” said another fan, David Raines.

Tickets for the film have been sold out for weeks, but these fans wasted no time when it came to buying theirs.

“We ended up buying over $3,000 worth of tickets,” said Raines. “So we bought 235 of the 265 seats in IMAX.”

Critics and fans alike say episodes one, two and three were a huge disappointment, but now that director JJ Abrams has control, expectations are high.

“It’s JJ Abrams. You gotta give him credit and you know if this one bombs then it’ll just follow the last three,” said Lerum.

“We’re kind of looking for a little bit of redemption here to put Star Wars back where it belongs as the number one franchise in cinematic history,” said Raines.

“I really like JJ Abrams as the director, and some of his movies, so I really look forward to seeing how this whole genre goes from this point forward,” said fan Craig Hatcher.

Star Wars will debut Thursday evening beginning with the first showing at 7:00. There will be 20 showings of this film premiering at the Cinemark Carefree Circle Theater, including the 3D version.

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