Peyton Manning is back at practice while the Broncos prepare for the Steelers

Manning back at practice
Manning back at practice

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Broncos are heading to Pittsburgh this Sunday to take on the Steelers.

Brock Osweiler is back on the practice field after his first loss as a starting quarterback on Sunday against the Raiders.

But he said he’s moved on and the team is ready and focused on the Steelers.

There was also another familiar face back on the field at practice Wednesday.

As playoffs approach, the Broncos are slowly starting to get healthy as a team, including Peyton Manning, who was able to practice with the team for the first time in almost a month.

“It was good to see him back. I know he was happy to be back. I know everybody was excited to see him back. That is no discredit to Brock,” wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said.

“We’re comfortable with Peyton or Brock for us as our quarterback. Just happy to see him get healthy,” rookie linebacker Shane Ray said.

Sanders started his NFL career as a Steeler and played for the team for four seasons. He said he looks forward to going back to Heinz Field.

“It was definitely a blessing coach Tomlin and Rooney’s, they gave me my opportunity in the National Football League, so I am forever thankful for that,” Sanders said.

After losing a close game against the Raiders, Brock Osweiler said he needs to work on scoring more points in the red zone against the Steelers.

“If you’re kicking field goals in the red area and you’re not getting touchdowns eventually it will come back to bite you and that’s exactly what happened on Sunday and that’s what we are working on fixing,” Osweiler said.

Ray said Ben Roethlisberger is a big and physical quarterback, which means they need to be strong on Sunday.

“You can’t let him stay in the pocket. He can make any throw there is. Making sure we bring a lot of pressure and bringing him to the ground and getting some good hits on him are crucial,” Ray said.

Even though Manning practiced on Wednesday, Coach Gary Kubiak said he will not suit up against the Steelers on Sunday.

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