Man arrested for breaking into Fountain Dairy Queen

Jose Mascarenas / El Paso County Sheriff's Office

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — A man is facing burglary charges after he broke into a Dairy Queen Saturday, according to police.

Police said the burglary happened Saturday at the restaurant at 7010 South Highway 85. An employee had locked the building up and was leaving when he saw a suspicious vehicle parked in front. He called police.

When officers arrived, they noticed the glass front door was shattered. They went into the building and saw a man run across the back area of the store. The suspect refused to obey the officers’ commands, so they tased him. He had a metal crowbar with him when he was arrested.

The suspect was identified as Jose Mascarenas. He was jailed on charges of burglary, possession of burglary tools, and criminal mischief.

Surveillance video showed the suspect using the crowbar to pry open a cash register and a cabinet that held money for the business. Officers recovered $782 from the suspect.


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