State of the Region address focuses on the future

Colorado Springs, Colo. — After a moment of silence to remember the lives lost during the Black Friday shooting, El Paso County Commissioner Chair Amy Lathen began her 2015 State of the Region Address.

The event hosted several business, non-profit, and community leaders around El Paso County.

“In this hit movie series, Marty Mcfly wanted to get back to the future after he had made a change in events that took place in the past,” Lathen said.

Referencing the movie ‘Back to the Future,’ Lathen said it’s time for us to look ahead.

“What I am suggesting is that fires and floods, recovery and mitigation, the immediate and urgent problems that have taken much of our time, energy and resources need to be in the past,” Lathen said.

Lathen also mentioned that there are many great things happening in El Paso County with the unemployment going down from 5 percent last year to 3.9 percent this year.

“We’re using our regional assets as a community instead of little pieces of a community to leverage and recruit more economic development from the outside and that to individuals who are looking for jobs,” she said.

Lathen said it’s time to look into a federal court building in El Paso County.

“We are the most populous county and with all the business that we do in federal court in Denver, we just believe strongly that would be extraordinarily beneficial,” Lathen said.

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