Demolition begins to make way for U.S. Olympic Museum

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The one and only comprehensive Olympic and Paralympic museum in the United States is one step closer to opening up right here in Colorado Springs.

The museum will be built across from America the Beautiful Park near the intersection of Sierra Madre Street and Vermijo Avenue.

Demolition began this morning to make way for the construction. Right now, crews are tearing down three buildings, ripping up railroad tracks, and removing old concrete. Once the area is cleaned up, they’ll be breaking ground in the spring of 2016 to start building on 1.7 acres of land. The museum will be 60,000 square feet.

The museum is being built to honor all US Olympic and Paralympic athletes in a world-class institution, and the project manager said the building will transform downtown Colorado Springs.

On top of creating jobs, the museum will draw in an estimated 350,000 tourists a year from around the world.

“The museum is going to be all about communicating to the visitor what it takes to become an Olympian, and what it feels like to participate in the Olympics,”said Stan Rovira, project manager.

He said visitors will be able to find information about every US athlete that has ever competed, and the Olympic and Paralympic exhibits will all be presented together throughout the building.

“The exhibits will be interactive and based on technology. We will have physical artifacts as well and things that you can touch and feel and smell, but the technology will play a big part of how we exhibit this information,” Rovira said.

“The museum, as a matter of fact, has been involving athletes every step of the way on its building and content and architecture and development teams to ensure that we get 100 percent accuracy in the development of this museum,”said Director of Administration Kristen Downs.

The museum won’t just be interactive exhibits. It will also house a theater, gift shop, café, and broadcast studio.

“As the bones of this building begin to take place, it will become very obvious that what we’re building here is far out of the ordinary,” Rovira said.

The demolition and construction process will take a couple of years to complete. As of right now, the US Olympic Museum is set to open up in 2018.

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