Correa family gets a much-needed surprise

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Three local families in need received a big surprise Friday night. They all got new cars.

Each year, Aspen Auto Clinic does a community service project, and this year they entered a competition that challenges other local auto shops to repair cars for charity. They also partnered up with Life Network, a local crisis pregnancy center, who selected a few of their clients that needed cars the most.

Each family received a different car, but they all have one thing in common: they have growing families with no way to transport them. That all changed when they were given their cars.

Marcus and Brianna Correa thought they were coming to Aspen Auto Clinic for a raffle. They never imagined they would be leaving with a car.

“Very shocked, very surprised, very grateful because as I said earlier we went from two cars to one car to no cars, all in a couple months,” Marcus Correa said.

They’ve made due without one, but it wasn’t easy. This surprise has taken a lot of weight off of Marcus’s shoulders because he now has a safe way to transport his family.

“Knowing what it does for our family, knowing I am able to go to my job, and knowing she is going to be able to go to her job and not have to worry and have a solid vehicle, it’s huge security for us,” he said.

With his new Jeep, he can’t wait to take the entire family for out a ride.

“I just want to drive it. I just want to drive it so much. We went through so many bad vehicles. I am just excited to drive it from point A and point B and worry it’s not going to break down or now,” Marcus said.

There are two more families in the Denver area that will also be getting used cars in the next week or so.

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