Waldo Canyon Fire case study reveals how directly destructive the fire was

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It took three years, but a federal study on the 2012 Waldo Canyon fire is complete. Wednesday morning officials, plus anyone involved in the study which was done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, came together to release their findings.

“We were able to identify that only a limited number of structures ignited from the wild land fire front,” said Alexander Maranghides, fire protection engineer with NIST.

The NIST case study discovered only 48 of the homes destroyed in the Waldo Canyon fire were directly impacted by the fire itself.

“We’re hoping the study will start a national dialogue to enable us to start articulating the requirements for formulating national standards,” Maranghides said.

The study also revealed one home was destroyed per minute.

“We’ve gotta work to harden the structures that doesn’t mean people can’t live on the hillside but it means that we have to make a deliberate and conscious effort to properly construct and develop in those areas,” said Brett Lacey, fire marshal with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

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