Calm during crisis: Inside King Soopers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — More eyewitnesses are continuing to share their stories of Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting.

Monday, we heard from people inside the King Soopers who said it was surprisingly calm inside.

There were about 150 people inside the store during the shooting.

Some of them said it’s the scariest thing they’ve been a part of, and that it would have been easy for people inside to freak out.

Some people said they feel lucky.

“We got in there literally I think a minute or two prior to the shooting actually starting,” said shopper Sherrie Teter.

“When I went outside I saw the police officers arriving and we did hear shots fired and that’s just when I yelled, ‘everyone get in the store,’ and locked the doors,” said King Soopers Assistant Store Manager Cathy Stark.

With chaos happening just outside the doors, some credited the assistant store manager for having a calming effect on the whole store, but she won’t take credit for that.

“My team did fantastic. It wasn’t just me. It was our whole team that was here that day. They started walking through making sure customers were taken care of and we started handing out water. We knew we were in for the long haul, so we started making the best of a bad situation,” said Stark.

Making the best of the situation included playing cards for some, and kids using coloring books.

“I was a little surprised. I expected to see some people who were much more nervous about it than they were,” said Teter.

“I think there was a sense of calm because we knew we were not in imminent danger,” said Stark.

The assistant store manager said she knew they weren’t in danger because they could see all of the police movements right outside of the door.

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