Introducing SKYFOX21

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We at FOX21 are debuting our latest news gathering tool in our new drone, SKYFOX21.

SKYFOX21 is the first federally-sanctioned drone aircraft cleared for media use in the state of Colorado. This is something we here at FOX21 are taking very seriously.

In order to maintain our FAA license we must follow several strict rules: First and foremost, we have hired a fully trained FAA commercial pilot to fly our drone. He will be working closely with a spotter from FOX21. The two must maintain visual contact with SKYFOX21 during the entire flight. Our pilot must also file any flight plans for SKYFOX21 with the FAA before we fly. We will not be flying our drone within 5 miles of any airport and no higher than 200 feet. We will also not be flying over private property without permission from the land owner and will not fly at night.

For those that have privacy concerns, we will need your permission before we take any video of you or the immediate area you are in. This applies to both when you are on your own property, or public property.

We intend to use the drone to provide aerial footage and offer one-of-a-kind take on news and weather here in Southern Colorado.

The drone used by FOX21 is a DJI Inspire 1 model, which provides 360-degree views from above. The FAA granted Media General, KXRM FOX21’s parent company, the ability to fly this specific drone for news gathering purposes.

Media General is one of the nation’s largest connected-screen media companies that operates or services 71 television stations in 48 markets, along with the industry’s leading digital media business.

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