Give!: Community radio station talks all things local

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs community radio station KCMJ is offering everyone in the community a voice.

The nonprofit serves as a catalyst for conversation about all things local in Colorado Springs.

“We’re a place where all the diverse perspectives and expertise that we have in town can come and have a microphone,” said general manager Dave Gardner.

The grassroots station has more than 20 local shows focusing on everything from music to food and even comedy, but they all share one thing.

“We have one common denominator here and that is that everybody loves their community and wants to make it better than it is,” said Gardner.

KCMJ says the goal of their station is to inform, inspire and empower the citizens of Colorado Springs by offering anyone who’s interested a chance to tell their story and share their interests.

“That’s one of the cool things about community radio is that we can take our chances, we can be bold and experimental because we don’t need big ratings to be successful,” said Gardner.

“We are non-commercial, we are not beholden to corporate interests or profit driven interests and so we are freer to explore any topic,” said founder Dennis Apuan.

The community radio station broadcasts daily on 93.9 FM and streams online 24/7.

Learn more and Give! at .

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