New app tracks scams

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Better Business Bureau has a new app on their website that can help you avoid being scammed.

It’s only a couple of months old and it’s already making an impact for people in Colorado Springs. The BBB said right now the most common scams locally are phone scams of people pretending to be with Colorado Springs Utilities, or with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. This app is going to spread the word about scams like that.

“It’s really there to protect people and to give them information about things going on, as well as a place to report any scams that have happened to them or people they may know,” said BBB spokesman, Jeff Markle.

The app gives you a ton of information.

“On the app it shows what type of scam it is. Where it was reported, based on the zip code. It also shows how much money was lost, if there was money lost in the exchange with the person doing the scamming,” Markle said.

“That is very helpful and stuff, cause I’d rather know exactly what’s going on in the area,” Christina Baxter said.

The BBB vets all reports to make sure it’s actually a scam. If you don’t have a computer to report a scam, that’s not a problem.

“If anyone calls in to report a scam we’ll populate the app with that as well, so some of those folks who may not have access to technology can just give us a call and it’ll update that as well, so we’re capturing that information everywhere,” Markle said.

“I think it’ll be very helpful, because the more people know the better off they’ll be with information,” Baxter said.

This isn’t an app you can download on your phone, but you can find it on the BBB’s website.

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