Drug & Gang prevention for kids in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. — Dozens of kids in Pueblo took part in an anti-gang/anti-drug event put on by the Pueblo Police Department’s Law Enforcement Academy Friday evening.

The event was an effort to educate kids and hopefully prevent them from going down the wrong path. There were a few speakers including Mark Salazar a former Pueblo drug member who has since turned his life around and wants to make a positive impact on the youth in his community.

“It’s in hopes of getting these youngsters to think for themselves and also prevent them from getting involved in gangs,” said Salazar, who is now the founder and CEO of Hard Knox, a gang prevention/intervention program.

The Pueblo Police Department’s Law Enforcement Academy feel it’s their duty to get through to kids at an early age.

“We can’t solve the issue right away but we at least want to get out there and prevent these kids from joining and talk to them about the awareness of gangs/drugs,” said Bryan Gonzales, with the Pueblo Police Law Enforcement Academy.

Gonzales said the issue is a hot topic in Pueblo right now and its never too early for you to talk to your child about it.

“We’re going to need the community’s help and this is an issue that’s affecting the whole city of Pueblo,” Gonzales said.

Colorado State Senator Leroy Garcia was at the event and agreed it’s important to invest in our future leaders.

“We have to be concerned always but that’s why this is so great,” Garcia said. “To be proactive and address these concerns at a young age with our youth to make them aware about what the circumstances are out there that sometimes can be presented.”

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