PCC shooting investigation

PUEBLO, Colo. — According to Pueblo Community College, shots were fired near the campus just after 5 p.m. Thursday night.

It happened on Orman Avenue, near west Adams Avenue and Tyler Street. An off-duty officer who happened to be on the scene near the shooting reported to college officials that shots were fired at 5:10 p.m. and that the shooter(s) had sped off in a vehicle within seconds of the shooting, and he added that the threat was now gone.

The entire incident was over in a matter of seconds.

Pueblo Police and the PCC Department of Public Safety are looking are looking for a silver or gray Honda Accord. The doors may have faded paint patches or body work that is tan.

The college’s Department of Public Safety, working with the Pueblo Police Department, then started it’s investigation. Since the threat was gone, no immediate emergency information was sent out by PCC, and there was no need for a lockdown or lockout.

Notification was sent as required by The Clery Act. Had it been an on-going emergency, the campus would have sent out an Emergency alert indicating what type of action to take: Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuate or Shelter.

The Pueblo Police Department is continuing to investigate this case because this was a community incident and not a college incident. Added security from the Pueblo Police Dept. and PCC’s Dept. of Public Safety was on campus Friday. PCC’s security is routinely on campus 24 hours a day, but additional security was there for the day.

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