Community accepts Buzz Cut Challenge

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The community came together Monday night at the American Legion Post 209 to accept the Buzz Cut Challenge.

For a simple donation of $10, stylists from Great Clips gave participants a close shave.

“There is no part, the part is on the floor,” said American Legion Rider President Andy Gilbert. “That’s where the part is.”

But men weren’t the only ones to donate to the good cause.

“I asked this gentleman beside me if he was getting his hair buzzed and he jokingly said, ‘no, are you going to get yours buzzed?,'” said Stephanie Adkins, a Great Clips employee.

With a $50 donation later…

“It actually feels really good,” said Adkins. “It’s kind of nice actually. It’s a good feeling because you know what the purpose was for.”

All proceeds raised from the event will benefit the Colorado Veterans Kids Fund, including Gilbert’s, who donated cash for what could arguably be the world’s most expensive buzz cut.

“I feel so cheap,” said Gilbert. “It was only $160.”

You heard that right: $160. But that’s a small fee for the sacrifice our military members pay.

“It’s really a way for the community, for us as a business, to show our support and appreciation for what they do not only for the country, but what they create and what they add to the community in general as well,” said Great Clips franchisee Frank Evans.

In all, $1,600 was raised from people donating their money to the cause. Great Clips plans to match that number.

The hair salon will also be offering free haircuts on Veterans Day to all active and retired military members.

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