Pine Creek continues their winning streak against Rampart

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — You voted and the game you wanted to see for Friday Night Lights is Rampart vs. Pine Creek High School.

The Eagles are coming into Friday night’s game undefeated and are the two-time defending state champions. The Rams players said this is a big rivalry game and are looking to end the Eagles winning streak at home tonight.

“Just like Pine Creek is ready for us we are ready for them,” Xavier Bishop-Falu, junior running back and free safety said.

It’s a rivalry that goes back for years.

“I don’t remember a time where Rampart has ever beat Pine Creek that’s what makes it a big rivalry, we are still waiting for the team who is going to beat Pine Creek,” Bishop-Falu said.

Head Coach Rob Royer has been coaching for 20 years and is a former Rampart graduate. As a former ram, he understands the competition between these two schools.

“It’s a rival for us. There’s definitely that rivalry game incentive to win as far as team it helps us with our goal to make the playoffs,” Royer said.

The Rampart Rams know Pine Creek has a strong football program, so they will need to work together as a team to get a win.

“The lineman block I run the ball the quarterback throws the ball. The quarterback gets good games. I give a good block. The receivers block it’s the whole team,” Bishop-Falu said.

Win or lose, Coach Royer said he will always be proud of his players.

“We challenge the kids every week to go out and play their best game and we believe if they play all three phases of the game, and they play with a lot of heart then the result kind of takes care of itself,” Royer said.

The Rams were unable to stop the Eagles winning streak beating the rams 35-0.

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