No rules for sex offenders in Colorado on Halloween night

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Trick or treaters will soon be hitting the streets but imagine your child walking up and ringing the doorbell of a sex offender. Several states have laws keeping sex offenders from participating in Halloween activities. California’s law, Operation Boo allows officials to do night time checks on the evening of Halloween to make sure registered sex offenders are inside their houses with the lights off. Five other states have a No Candy law restricting them from passing out candy, but Colorado, not so much.

Lt. Catherine Buckley with Colorado Springs Police Department said, “Colorado does not have any type of law regarding sex offenders that are not on probation or parole.”

Those who are on probation or parole get guidelines from their officers on what they can and can’t do on Halloween night.

“But quite honestly the majority of our sex offenders are not on either one of those two monitoring systems.” Lt. Buckley added, “They strictly have to register with the police department.”

So it’s up to the parents to make sure their kids are out of harm’s way.

“What we advise people to do is one go to homes you’re familiar with. The best advice though, have a parent, have a guardian, have someone with those young children to accompany them throughout the night while they go trick or treating,” said Lt. Buckley.

That doesn’t mean parking on the street while your child goes from house to house.

“They should be there. They should walk down the sidewalk with them. They should go up to the doors. They should be highly visible,” added Lt. Buckley. “That’s the way you prevent anything happening to the children. That’s the way that you prevent anyone doing something that would be nefarious.”

FOX21 asked if there is any correlation between the number of cases and the Halloween holiday.

Lt. Buckley said, “For the most part they know that it is a time that they’re being watched more closely and to my knowledge we haven’t seen anything come up like that but that doesn’t mean let your guard down.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has a website where you can type in your address and see where registered sex offenders are living in your community. Check to see if your neighborhood is safe by going to


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