Several students detained after fight at Sierra High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Just before 11 a.m., multiple fights broke out at Sierra High School, prompting several police units to respond and forcing the school into a lockout.

“I was scared, definitely, because I didn’t know what was going on,” said sophomore Vanessa Escobedo.

What started as a fight between two boys, quickly escalated into an all-out brawl involving at least 15 students

“It just kept going, like one right after another,” said freshman Erica Galena.

The school’s resource officer called for backup when several other fights broke out near the school’s gymnasium.

Faculty and security did step in to help, but students who saw what happened say it was absolute chaos.

“It was like everybody fighting each other, nobody was under control or anything, so it was just really crazy,” said Escobedo.

As a result, students involved were taken away in handcuffs by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

“We’re still trying to interview individuals, find parents for the students that were involved and work through their process of investigating it,” said Lieutenant Catherine Buckley.

No weapons were used and no serious injuries were reported. Police are now working to determine whether this fight was gang related..

Harrison School District 2 officials said the situation was under control by 1 p.m.


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