Local bakery continues to represent Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Chef Sugar’s Cakes and Confections just celebrated its fifth birthday, and it’s their baked goods that keep customers coming back.

“At least once a month. Sometimes we come multiple times a week, depending on my cravings,” said Theresa Rieber, a customer of Chef Sugar’s Cakes and Confections.

“Opening this shop has really taken me in a different direction, which I didn’t expect. And I’ve really become the sculptor for this area,” said Heidi Trelstad, owner of Chef Sugar’s Cakes and Confections.

And it’s caught the attention of the Food Network.

Trelstad has nationally competed twice, most recently on Halloween Wars.

“We’re just really excited that Heidi was on the show and that she did so well. I’m not surprised at all of course,” Rieber said.

“In five years, we’ve really established a name for ourselves which is really nice. I’m excited that the shop is doing well and I’m excited that people want to be more creative with cakes and confections and things like that. And I’m glad that we’re here to offer that for them,” Trelstad said.

And as for Halloween? Trelstad said it’s a chance to be anyone you want.

“It’s kind of the same thing with regard to the food part of it. Anything goes, so we can make cutsie things, we can make gory things. We load the case up with all kinds of neat, colorful displays,” Trelstad said.

Chef Sugar’s is holding a costume contest all of next week. The top three winners will be chosen by the bakery’s Facebook fans. The contest will be held until Halloween. Just come in dressed up and your picture will be posted on their Facebook page.

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