Friday Night Lights: Pueblo South vs. Palmer

PUEBLO, Colo. — You voted online, so our Friday Night Lights featured game is Pueblo South vs. Palmer.

The Colts of Pueblo South sit atop the 4A Southern League, but it’s been a long road for them to get there.

“We started off pretty slow, but once we started getting everybody together, everybody’s having a great time. Everybody’s starting to hang out more, talk more. Everybody’s starting to come more as a team,” said Senior Captain Brandon Maes.

Style of play was huge in this game as Palmer airs it out and Pueblo South liked to pound the ball on the ground.

“You play to your strengths and I think Palmer does a good job getting their athletes the football. We try to do the same thing. We just do it in a little bit different way. We think we have a pretty good offensive line and we like to run behind them. We still get play makers the ball, just in a little different way,” said head coach Ryan Goddard.

“Everybody this year was a lot bigger this year. It’s just fun going behind five other animals in front of you. Everybody’s over 220 pounds except one kid I think,” said Maes.

This game could have a big impact on the rest of the season.

“Obviously, getting close to the end of the season. You know, people start talking about playoffs and doing all those things, but for us the most important thing right now is just to go out and try to continue to be on top of the league, maintain pace, and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished in this league the last couple of years and we want to continue those traditions,” said Goddard.

“Just try to do what we’ve been doing, playing as a team. We all work our butts off at practice. We all know that if we do our jobs every day the results will come out in our favor,” said Maes.

If you want to see your high school football team featured on FOX21’s Friday Night Lights, click here to vote. Voting starts on Sunday and ends on Wednesday night.

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